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Dedicated, or Managed Hosting provides your business with a higher level of control and manageability. Unlike shared hosting, this solution provides a machine dedicated solely to you. This is a good solution for businesses with sites that receive higher traffic or utilize custom software. With these solutions, you have a greater level of control as to the hardware and software components installed on your server. Below is a breakdown of Dedicated Hosting plan features; for a comparison of our 4 available dedicated hosting plans, click here.

Plan Features

  • Custom built and configured server
  • Email for your domain
    • 100 Email boxes w/10MB disk space per box
    • Unlimited email aliasing and forwarding
    • SiteYourself Webmail access
    • Secure SMTP for all outgoing mail
  • FREE IM, Email and Phone technical support
Additional Options
  • Additional data transfer
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption*
Please call us at (888) 573-0574 to have an agent help configure the dedicated server package that's best suited to your company's needs.

*Doesn't include cost of SSL certificate